Youmacon 2005

Featured Events

Cosplay Shougi

A unique cosplay event in which 40 cosplayers will get a chance to be a game of Japanese chess. Two shougi players will be selected prior to the convention to face off against one another. Then the cosplayers follow their moves on a life-size shougi board. Watch as the cosplayers role-play their characters and battle against each other in determining the shougi champion!

Cosplay Shougi now has signups open for cosplayers interested in being shougi pieces! No knowledge of shougi required.

Fullmetal Fantasy

Sins in an alley

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a real anime character? Vic Mignogna, Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist, has created an original live action short film featuring many of your favorite FMA voice actors. "Fullmetal Fantasy" is a special presentation you wont want to miss!

Iron Editor

The ever-popular challenge famous in Japan where you pit two chefs against each other and force them to make a meal is back with an otaku twist! Instead of chefs, we have AMV Editors, and instead of making a meal, they make an AMV. We provide the footage and they supply the expertise. Come watch the action unfold as we give them two hours, a secret ingredient which they must use, and a common theme. See all of this and more with commentary from our editors, judges, and you. There can be only one Iron Editor!

Anime Hell

An Infernal Celebration of Bad Film

Anime Hell

Take a mind-bending trip down a two-hour time tunnel plastered with brain-defying audio-visual..umm...stuff. From around the world and out in the back yard, our experts have collected and selected only the choicest short subjects, fake ads, weird commercials, unintended stupidity, out-of-context humor, and pop-cultural insanity, chock-full o' nutty goodness. You'll never know what we'll show next. Warning: Contains Heino.

Midnight Madness

You have left Hell and are entering Madness. A celebration of the "best?" in the world the insanity known as Anime Parody Dubs. Fan dubs, where people dub their own voices, sound effects, edit and invent new stories using existing anime footage, has been around for over twenty years — and we've seen some strange stuff come down the pike since then. Pineapple salad, "stuff and junk and stuff", melons, coffee, the Megumi Hayashibara game... Nothing is sacred, and that's the way we like it. We'll be showing the best and brightest well into the night. Come ready to laugh; the power of Gendo compels you!

Anime Name That Tune

This classic, brought to you by Zephyr Game Shows, takes eight audience members and enters them into a single-elimination tournament where quick knowledge of anime music (and the occassional video game piece) makes or breaks your chances for big prizes. Audience members will also be eligible for prizes and Super Cool whenever the contestants get stumped like a nun in our hentai game show! Also, the winner from Youmacon will be invited to compete in the "Best of the Year" Championship where they will square off against many conventions from the Midwest through the east coast to determine who is the year's anime song guru!

Otaku Family Feud

The five of you stuff yourselves into a single quad and lie about it to hotel staff. You share the collection of ramen you brought with each other. Why not try your combined hands at this adaptation of the classic television hit? Every team of five is invited to vie for a shot at huge prizes for their knowledge of anime and its fandom! After all, "The family that bathes ever, stays together!"


Dance without arrows for a change.


Come up on stage and perform your favorite anime themes or other Japanese music! Bringing your own CD is encouraged for a sure opportunity to sing the song you want.

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