Youmacon 2005


Always had questions about a certain part of our fandom that you always wanted to talk with other on? Interested in checking out something new that you've never heard of before? Our wide variety of panels from talks with our guests to discussions about your favorite series might just be what you've been looking for.

AMVs Your Mother Warned You About

A collection of anime music videos that wouldn't have made it into our contest. A block full of ultra violent, hentai, and just plain wrong AMVs! For adults only.

Anime Anatomy

Yes, the eyes are big. But also spherical. Just because he's Super-D doesn't mean he doesn't have proper proportions! Artist Ben "BAR-1" Rodriguez leads a discussion and tutorial on how to lead your characters to more dynamic horizons.

Anime Gourmet!

Little kebobs, fish for breakfast, noodle bread? Just what are those characters eating? If you're curious about theose questionable edibles in anime and manga, or would like to know more about Japanese cuisine in general, come join us and let's talk meshi! (Sorry, food will not be served.)

Beyond Pin-Ups

Ben "BAR-1" Rodriguez continues his drawing seminar with an introduction to creating scenes, storytelling and "camera" techniques. Because there's more to manga than still images of your favorite two characters kissing!


No, not the one for your dirty clothes or changing your hair color. It's an in-depth conversation all about this new shounen anime/manga and the thought going into it. Your personal travel guide to the Soul Society.

Conning 101

A.K.A. the "I woke up in the hallway of a hotel in a city I don't know, dressed like a hooker, covered in marker, surrounded by freaks... and I remember all of it!" panel. This panel is both about helping newer fans learn the secret arts of how to get the most out of a convention, as well as experiences shared by veteran con-goers. Also, learn a little about what goes into making a successful convention, and how to do your part to make sure everyone has the best time possible!

Cosplay and You

Is this your first time cosplaying, or have you been doing it for years? It doesn't matter what skill level you are, just stop on by this panel and pick up a few pointers. Having trouble with a part of your costume? Want to know what kind of material to use? How to cosplay on a budget? Any questions you ask we will do our best to answer.

Crystal Dreams

A Final Fantasy Discussion

In 1988 the future of the world and one floundering company rested on the shoulders of four brave heroes. Seventeen years have passed and the world is still being threatened by malevolent forces. Over the years, those brave heroes have been joined by an epic cast, everything from a "spoony bard", a mysterious young woman robbed of her memories, a delusional yellow haired motorcycle punk, a star athlete and even a "human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, slam dancing...Moogle..." We will be discussing the history, mythology, impact and development of this beloved, classic series.

Darcy and Corey’s Remedies for the Common Con!

Are you a Narutard looking for a change? Do you remember cons before the sea of headbands? Do you remember cosplay before J-rock? Do You Remember Love? Dating a fanboy? Run out of towels in your hotel room? Can't find the right setting on the iron to make grilled cheese? If you ever had any of these problems or are nostalgic over your con past (or want to hear and share crazy con stories), come to our panel. You will learn about anime before AnimeSuki, some cosplay tips and tricks, and learn from our mistakes, to make your con a little more enjoyable. How's about that?! Bang-a-rang-Rufio!

Dr. Strangedrift

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the R90

An exciting look at the world of racing-themed anime from "Speed Racer" to "Initial D" and everywhere in between. Featuring video and pictures... Ooooo...

The ‘F’ Word

Fansubbing Techniques and Issues

Fansubs have been around since the days of the VCR, when fans would translate and subtitle anime not yet licensed for the U.S. and send copy after copy to fans. With the advent of the Internet and broadband, fansubs transitioned into digital form, and today, almost every anime series that premieres in Japan is adopted by an English fansub group. Learn about the process that goes on behind-the-scenes in fansubbing, and discuss the concerns of today's fansub world.


So, you want to write fanfiction, but where do you start? A general discussion of fandom and fan-written fiction, suitable for all ages.

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Join us in this discussion of the anime and manga that goes through a year of Mitsuki Kouyama's life with two shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, that help her achieve her dream of becoming a singer.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Nothing can be gained without sacrificing something. That is the basic rule of alchemy. So give us some of your time and in exchange we'll give you the knowledge you desire. We'll discuss the in's and out's of the hit series "Fullmetal Alchemist", from the manga to the anime, from the Japanese to the English. And, get the age-old question answered: Just how tall is Ed?


Gainax is one of the most notable studios in anime. With works ranging from the legendary "The Wings of Honneamise" to the revolutionary "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and recently with FLCL! We will look at the roots and top directors of Gainax, as well as having an open forum on their impressive collection of works.

Go Get ’Em!

Go is the oldest board game that is still played today. Its simple rules and variety have stunned its players for four thousand years. Now you can learn to enjoy this simple game that is growing more and more popular here in the West.

The Gundam Experience

Since 1979, the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has been continuing to delight audiences on both sides of the world. Directed by famed Japanese storyteller Yoshiyuki Tomino, the Gundam world tells the story of a war-torn earth embattled by giant mecha that, unlike the robots of most anime, are simply vehicles relying on the human inside. The Gundam experience will introduce you to the world of the future, a world where war rages and even the strongest do not necessarily make it through the day.


Come and discuss the ever-popular series, "InuYasha". Topics will include dub vs. sub, manga vs. anime, and latest news about the series. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers, so come and join us as we go through the well into the world of Feudal Japan and Inuyasha!

The J-Rock Clinic

To Satisfy All Your J-Rock Ailments and Needs

A place where fangirls and fanboys can discuss J-rock and Visual Kei artists, their music, fanservice, and why we like to cosplay them so much.


A J-Fashion Panel

An introduction to and overview of many types of Japanese fashion including Gothic Lolita (and its many variations), FRUiTS, Ganguro, and Decora.

Making Studying Kanji Easier

Many intermediate students of Japanese assume they can never truly master the written language because kanji are too difficult, so they tell themselves they will just learn spoken Japanese. But armed with the right study methods, you can master kanji which is key to advanced spoken Japanese proficiency and enables you to learn vocabulary compounds much faster. This workshop will introduce the technique of component analysis to organize your study. It may not make mastering kanji easy, but it will make it possible! Various software and websites for ultra-fast kanji look-up, translation and kanji studying will also be introduced.


Here is a chance for all fans Naruto to ask any questions having to do with the series. In this panel, we will discuss many aspects of the hit show. Topics include opinions on it being dubbed, questions about characters, theories of some of the big mysteries in the series, and many others. So if you enjoy Naruto and want to meet other fans, this is the panel for you.

No Peak, No Point, No Meaning

A Yaoi Panel

Yaoi — what are all those fans really squealing about? Join us as we explore the historical roots of the genre and talk about what makes it so darn interesting. We're uncensored and ready to get down with some serious discussion, so leave your inhibitions (and fan pairings) at the door. Due to the mature nature of the presentation, you must be 18 or older to enter, and you will be asked to present a form of identification at the door.

Origami to Impress Your Friends

Alchemy is the pseudoscience of transmuting one or more things into an even cooler thing or things. Join Caitlin Glass (voice of Winry Rockbell in "Fullmetal Alchemist") as she transmutes ordinary paper into cranes, hats and other funky stuff—not through alchemy, but through the ancient Japanese art of origami!

ParaPara Beginners’ and Advanced

ParaPara is a style of dancing born in the nightclubs of Japan nearly 20 years ago. It consists of choreographed arm movements (and minimal leg movement) to "Eurobeat" music. To this day, in huge clubs like Twinstar, ParaPara lessons are given weekly. There is also an arcade game based on ParaPara called ParaParaParadise.

The beginners' panel is for people unfamiliar with ParaPara. They will be acquainted with Eurobeat music, ParaPara terminology, etc. A dance from the ParaParaParadise arcade will be taught and performed.

The Advanced panel is a continuation of the beginners' panel, or for people who already have some knowledge of ParaPara. A more difficult song from the Super Eurobeat series will be taught and performed.

A Parent’s Guide to Anime

A Parentís Guide to Anime invites parents, especially non-fans, who are chaperoning at the con to come in and learn what exactly their kid is getting into. We cover what conventions are and what parents can expect to find at them, some recommended anime and manga titles for each age group, what topics are covered in anime and manga, and how to choose manga and anime that are compatible with a familyís values.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

For twelve years, "Power Rangers" has dominated American airwaves and toy shelves as well as the hearts and minds of millions of children. The thirteenth season, "Power Rangers S.P.D." has been hailed by fans and critics as one of the best seasons to date. Join us at Youmacon as executive producer Bruce Kalish and members of the cast share their stories and answer questions about this epic season.


A Guide to Japanese Chess

Bored with simple elimination games? Ever want to learn how to play that game the old men are playing in all those anime? Now you can. In this game, when you capture your opponent's pieces, you can turn them around and play them on your side!

So I Get Paid to Say This?

Sit down with the guests in this panel and ask your questions about voice acting and the business in general. Our voice acting guests will be available to answer your questions, but leave your demo tapes and autographables at the door, please.

So You Want to Make an AMV?

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to make an anime music video? Learn the programs, techniques, and insider hints on how to mix music and anime together.

The Softer Side of Boys’ Love

A Shounen-Ai Panel

In response to the success of No Peak, No Point, No Meaning and the growing number of underaged fans of yaoi, Where's the Buffet? was asked to create this panel. The Softer Side of Boys' Love is just that — a softer look at the fandom of yaoi. We still discuss the history of homosexuality in Japan, but with less graphic pictures and words. We also make sure that topics of discussion are left at "PG-13" and discourage anyone who might stray from that guideline.

Super Robot Taisen Tenjo Tenga Shigeki Hissatsuho!

Delve through over 30 years of mecha action from the dawn of the era with "Mazinger Z" to the most recent of mecha shows.

Superflat Japanese Modern Art

Think that anime is all there is to Japanese art? Think again! We'll open up your eyes to the wonderful world of Superflat and Japanese Modern Art. Join Where's the Buffet? as we discuss the history of modern art in Japan and the influence of World War II on the artistic world. Get educated with us!

There Was a Hole Here... Enter the World of Survival Horror

A Tribute to Silent Hill and Resident Evil

We will discuss the philosophy behind Silent Hill and Resident Evil as well as their respective characters. We will also compare and contrast the plot, imagery and symbolism. There will be a Q & A section towards the last 15 minutes, as well as an open floor for debate. Please come with an open mind, and be wary of spoilers, as they will be welcome!

These Dolls Are Not Creepy

(Once You Get to Know Them)

A.K.A. the Dollfie panel. Ever wonder what the big deal was about those resin creations across the ocean? Or do you own one and want to show off your doll and meet with other Dollfie fanatics? Then this is the panel for you. Even if you don't have a doll but are curious as to what the different types look like, feel free to drop in! We'll try to cover where to purchase the dolls themselves and various accessories, giving them "face ups" (repainting their faces), or anything else we can think of! We'll even have a Dollfie photo shoot after the panel, so if you can't make the panel itself, be sure to stop by for that!

Ultra-man to Super-Sentai

The World of Tokusatsu

The word "Tokusatsu" will forever be associated with the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" in the minds of most Americans. Come join us for this special panel in which we'll introduce you to more than 30 years of classic Japanese costumed heroes. A world with armor clad heroes, fearsome monsters and giant mecha, a world where sometimes the hero doesn't always win and not everybody goes home safe at the end.

Webcomics 101

Dave Anez presents an introduction to the world of webcomics, including how to create one yourself and get it online.

Wig Styling

Need help with a wig to complete your costume? We'll be going over various wig techniques and tricks we've used for years. We will have many examples to see and touch.

Your Favorite Anime Sucks!

"You anime fans think your little cartoons are so great, the best thing that happened to media since the invention of cable TV, right? Well, you're all morons! Anime is the stupidest load of crap I've ever seen, and I'm going to prove it to you! Just tell me your favorite title, and I'll tell you why it sucks!" Obviously this panel is all for fun, and not to be taken seriously. The premise is simple: You give us a title, and we'll make fun of it! It's a good time for all!

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